Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Troops consolidating their hold in Wanni; 22 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes

Finalized military reports received yesterday (June 30) from the battlefronts indicate that 22 terrorists were killed and over 23 injured as troops further consolidated their new positions in the Wanni theater. Also, 2 soldiers were killed, one reported missing and 13 suffered injuries during these clashes.

On the Vavuniya front, troops further pushed forward their defence in the Periyamadhu area and confirmed 3 terrorists killed and 3 others injured in the effort. Also, troops removed 2 improvised bombs from the same area.

Elsewhere, troops had several clashes in the Naddankandal, Palamodai, Vilathikulama and Navvi areas during the course of the day.

At Naddankandal troops confronted with a group of terrorist last evening. Two soldiers suffered injuries in this incident. Terror casualties were not known. In a similar incident, reported from the Palamodai area in the afternoon troops claimed 2 terrorists were either killed or wounded.

In the general area West of Navvi, troops successfully repulsed an attack launched by the terrorists during the evening hours and confirmed 6 terrorists were killed and 8 others were either killed or wounded. Also, one soldier was killed, another reported missing and 3 suffered injuries in this incident.

In the general area Vilathikulama, a soldier suffered injuries in an anti personal (AP) mine explosion last morning.

On the Welioya front, troops engaged terror defences in the Mulaithiuvu jungle, North of Janakapura and Kiribbanwewa areas throughout the day and claimed 12 terrorists were killed, 21 others injured and 11more were either killed or wounded. One soldier was killed and 7 others were injured during these operations. Also, troops removed 115 AP mines and 5 improvised bombs during the clearing operations.

Meanwhile on the Jaffna theatre, one terrorist was reportedly killed in a confrontation occurred in the Muhamalai area last morning.

Limited offensives are continuing.

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