Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ranaviru Fund donated Gel Socks worth of Rs. 450,000 to disabled war heroes

Ranaviru Fund , a charity organization established to support disabled soldiers in Sri Lanka , has donated 157 much needed Socket Gel Liners to the soldiers who had sacrificed their limbs for the motherland .

The donation was made by the representatives of the organization at the Ragama Ranaviru Sevena , disabled soldiers' rehabilitation centre recently . Director of Rehabilitation , Sri Lanka Army, Brigadier Sriyani Warusavitharana received the items on behalf of the soldiers.

According to a report issued by the Fund on the project , Socket Gel Liners are highly expensive equipment specially made for the comfort of the disabled people . Brigadier Warusavitharana had informed the organization on the requirement as the items were not readily available in the local market when contacted by the Fund , said the report. The report further stated that 40 socket gel liners worth of 450,000 rupees had been donated to the soldiers as a start. This donation will only suffice to fulfill 1% of the requirement , the report further added.

At the donation ceremony Maha Sangha headed by most Venerable Kotapola Amarakhiththi Thero chanted Pirith to bless the disabled Soldiers and those who fight against LTTE Terrorists in the battle front. To mark the event four amputees those who are currently receiving Walking Aid were offered with the Gel Socks. In addition to Gel Socks, all Soldiers at the facility were offered with a bag of fruits (Apples, Oranges & Grapes) individually at their wards at a cost of over Rs. 25,000.

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