Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sri Lankan expats to hold demonstration urging stern action against LTTE- UK

A number of highly successful anti-LTTE demonstrations have taken place in most of European cities in the past week. Finland (Helsinki), Greece (Athens), France (Paris) and Germany (Berlin) all hosted such events and London's turn is on Sunday 27th July, in front of British Prime Minister's Official Residence at No10 Downing Street.

The organizers of the London event have received a great response from the Sri Lankan community in the UK who are eagerly looking forward to the occasion. During the protest, a dossier is due to be handed over to the Prime Minister's Office. It will contain proof of the 'Pongu Tamil' event organised by LTTE front British Tamil Forum (BTF) which breached the Terrorism Act in the UK.

The document will also express displeasure about an exhibition, dispersing false propaganda about the suffering of Tamils in Sri Lanka, which was held in the British Parliament. Although unsuccessful and poorly attended, it was a blatant attempt to mislead the members of the House of Commons. This was organised by the BTF and backed by the pro-LTTE group of MPs, called 'The All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils'.

Sunday's mass protest rally in London, against the ruthless terrorist outfit LTTE, is organised by 'Sri Lankans against Terrorism'(SLAT-UK), an organization of United Kingdom based Sri Lankan expatriates.

The demonstration titled 'Let's all unite as Sri Lankans to Defeat Terrorism in our Motherland!' requesting the British Government to take stern action against all pro-LTTE activities is expected to draw masses of peace loving people.

All peace loving Sri Lankans in UK, including the members of OBA's, OGA's and all other Sri Lankan organizations, as patriotic Sri Lankans are invited to show their support in defeating terrorism and to help bring about lasting peace in our motherland.

Venue: Opposite British Prime Minister's Official Residence

10, Downing Street, London

Date: 27th July 2008 (Sunday)

Time: 1.30 PM- 5.30PM

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For further info, please contact

Janaka: 07885973128 Rani: 07808158360

Anura: 07956539514 Shiran: 07534224363

Nishantha: 07853317426 Mahinda: 0208 7683750

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