Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wanni liberation enters decisive phase ; Two warfronts linked up

The Security Forces engaged in the Wanni liberation operation, entered a decisive phase yesterday (June 30) as troops linked up the Mannar battle front with the Vavuniya battle front , making the biggest ever military front against LTTE in the western flank of Wanni. Army Task Force 1 that operated from the Mannar front and 57 division that engaged Vavuniya linked up with each other from the southwest of Periyamadhu last afternoon.

With the successful completion of the liberation of the Mannar 'Rice Bowl' troops attached to the Task Force 1 in Mannar made this strategic move, moving further towards North East of Mannar to link with the 57 Division troops operating South of Periyamadu.

"With the linkage of the two Divisions, infantry battalions engaged in the Wanni liberation operation created a 75 km long massive military front from the West of A-9 road in the Western flank of Wanni front," a senior military official told the Daily News.

The troops attached to 57 and Task Force 1 have liberated 1,084 square kilometers in Vavuniya, Mannar and Mullaittiuvu districts.

"With this move the Security Forces operating in the Mannar sector are now positioned some two and half kilometres South of Vedithalthivu," Commander of the Task Force 1 Brigadier Shavendra Silva told the Daily News.

With this move by the Security Forces, LTTE cadres operating in the Vedithalthivu Sea Tiger Base have started to vacate the area as they have been convinced that they cannot hold that ground further, intelligence reports indicated yesterday.

Vedithalthivu is strongest Sea Tiger Base of the LTTE in the North Western coast of the country. The LTTE depends on it for their logistic support to the North and Wanni battle fronts.

"We will continue to keep the pressure on the LTTE further and will take measures to counter their attacks and take maximum killings," Brigadier Shavendra Silva added.

The Task Force 1 operated in the Mannar front took total control over the entire Mannar ‘Rice Bowl’ area capturing more than 120 square kilometres by Sunday afternoon, June 27.

"This is nothing but sheer dedication, commitment and high morale of the troops," Brigadier Silva added.

General Officer Commanding of the 57 Division, Major General Jagath Dias told the Daily News that the latest move will make the future operations of the Western flank of the Wanni front more stronger.

"We could achieve this due to the commitment and dedication of ground troops and officials under the directive of the Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka and the Defence Authorities," Major General Dias added.

Troops attached to 57 Division captured LTTE strategic location Periyamadu last week and advanced further west of Periyamadu towards Pallamadu to link with the troops of the Task Force 1.

The 57 Division started its military advance from Thampani, and captured Periyapandivirichchan, Sinnapandivirichchan, Madu, Palampiddi and Periyamadu.

Courtesy : Daily News

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