Monday, July 14, 2008

Family forced to feed LTTE terrorists nabbed- Valaichchenai

Troops deployed in the Aselapura, in Valaichchenai area have arrested a family along with a canter loaded with dry rations around 3.45 this morning (July 14). According to the police sources in Valaichchenai, the 3 adults- 2 males and one female and 3 children have been taken to the police.

The suspects have confessed that they were transporting the dry rations to the LTTE terrorist hiding in the jungles in the Punani area. Father of the family have told the police that his family was threaten by an LTTE cadre who had been an area resident before joining the LTTE, to supply rations to the LTTE cadres remaining in the area. Therefore, the suspect has opted transport the food risking lives of his wife and children using a hired vehicle, police said.

The said LTTE cadre had asked the family to unload the food items close to the 112 mile post on the Polonnaruwa - Batticaloa main road, police further said. The stock of food contains packets instant noodles , soft drinks, sugar , cheese , milk powder, biscuits and etc. police added.

Police conduct further investigations.

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