Monday, July 7, 2008

13 Tamil civilians seek protection with security forces- Mannar

13 Tamil civilians including 6 children have escaped from non-liberated areas North of Mannar and sought protection with security forces at the Navy-Police joint fishing marshalling point in Pallimunai, Mannar yesterday(July 5).

According to available information, the group included 4 males, 3 females and 6 children, who have escaped the LTTE territory after receiving constant intimidations and harassments by the terrorist outfit.

"These poor people have no other option in the hands of the LTTE; either they should give away their children to the tigers, or make a runaway for life leaving all their belongings and valuables behind", a volunteer working at the Mannar IDP center was quoted as saying.

The security forces are their only saviors, a military official said adding that every displaced family and individual are been taken good care of by the government as they are directed to the IDP centers under protective custody of the Police.

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