Sunday, July 27, 2008

Security forces continue advances: 13 terrorists killed, dozen wounded

Troops at the combined Mannar - Vavuniya front were gradually budding their way towards the road leading from Mankulama to Vellankulama and are now reportedly operating close to Mallavi after series of confrontations on Thursday (24) and Friday (25) causing sizable damages to the LTTE.

According to finalized military reports, 10 terrorists were killed and a dozen others injured in Saturday's (26) confrontations ensued between troops and LTTE at the Wanni theater of battle. In addition to LTTE fatalities 3 soldiers received injuries in the Welioya battlefront, while 2 others reported wounded at the Mannar battle lines.

7 terrorists were reported killed and 2 wounded during fighting in general areas at Navvi and Navathkulama MCNS stated also adding that 3 others were killed and 10 wounded by troops of the 59 Division operating in the Mullaittiuvu jungles ahead of the Welioya defences, North of Janakapura and Kiriibabanwewa.

Meanwhile, troops killed 2 terrorists in general area Muhamalai, another sniped in general area Kilalai, at the Jaffna battlefront, according to reports. No damages were caused to military, MCNS said.

Shoring LTTE at defeat:
Despite disintegration of LTTE fortifications in Mullaittiuvu district at the doorstep of Kilinochchi, South based rejuvenated 'defence analysts' and 'peaces activists' have reportedly taken up the burden to dim the military gains through controversy and spin-doctoring.

Earlier, similar attempts to stall the military campaign in East while shoring the LTTE at defeat were proven failed and were rebuffed from gaining populace despite an array of media stunts and political gimmicks by such circles.

As learnt through reliable sources, these 'office-room defence experts' and guardians of 'peace' and 'humanity' are in a collective effort at smothering the public and international consent towards the present military campaign against the LTTE through periodical ushering of 'decisive stages' and 'turning points' installing doubts of graver repercussion in the South.

These slush propagandists are "expecting a slow down", of the counter-terrorist operations in Wanni and North, through the same unofficial versions as quoted from said 'officials' of the military. Relying on controversy than sheer situation-reporting by such media stooges is nothing new, as similar attempts were also, earlier exposed by, and will continue to remain as our obligation to the nation with the right to response.

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