Sunday, July 13, 2008

Army elites capture 2 LTTE bunkers; 7 terrorists killed in clashes in Mannar

Sri Lanka Army elites launched an attack at two well-fortified bunkers manned by LTTE terrorist in the Palaiveddnmoddai area, 7 km East of Vidattaltivu around 11.30 this morning (July 13), said the defence sources on the Mannar battlefront.

The soldiers have captured the two bunkers crushing down the fierce retaliation by the terrorist and later observed remains of 7 of LTTE cadres killed in the battle , the sources further said. Five bodies of the slain LTTE cadres have been recovered by the soldiers and action would be taken to hand them over to the LTTE through ICRC, the sources added.

More information will follow as the search operation is in progress.

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sanathudayawansa said...

This is a good shot to LTTE