Sunday, July 27, 2008

Security Forces seize control over 'Sugandan Base' - Welioya[Updated]

Troops of the 59 Division led by Brigadier Nanadana Udawatte Sunday (July 27) seized total control over 'Sugandan' base a satellite base of the LTTE's 'One-Four-base' complex located North of Kiriibbanwewa inside the thick jungles of Mullaittiuvu, following days of heavy confrontations.

Earlier, on 30th May 2008- troops captured the 'Munagam base' the main logistic link between the LTTE strongholds in Wanni and cadres in the east, across the Mullaittiuvu jungle, followed by the capture of 'Michael base' one of the strategic satellite bases of the 'One -Four base complex ' on 4th July. Troops are now consolidating the defences, sources said.

More information will follow.

Meanwhile, an LTTE area leader identified as 'Veandan' was reported seriously wounded during a failed offensive attempt targeting troops operating North of Janakapura today. 5 terrorists were killed and similar numbers injured including a senior cadre 'Maran' during the fighting reported from 10a.m., till 1p.m., defence sources said citing ground troops. A soldier has laid his life, while another sustained injuries, in the confrontation according to initial reports.

Troops have also recovered a body of a slain LTTE cadre along with an I-com set, during a subsequent search operation conducted in the area.

Also, troops operating North of Kiriibbanwewa have reportedly destroyed and gained control over an LTTE bunker defence and a mortar pit as troops said that at least 3 terrorists were wounded in the attack. Another terrorist was killed, 2 wounded in a similar confrontation with LTTE in general area West of Kiriibbanwewa, according to military.

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