Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two suspects arrested with two lorries containing contraband bound to LTTE - Vavuniya

Troops on duty at Omanthai check point arrested two individuals along with two lorries containing contraband on Tuesday (July 15) evening. Troops while checking vehicles found the items which were concealed under the roofs the vehicles. The Lorries were under the district secretary of Mulaitivu and were supposed to transport food items and grocery items to the non liberated areas.

The following items were found in two Lorries.

Lorry number - 47- 2511


Pen touch batteries - 8120

Olive Green uniforms clothes - 334m

Black clothes - 30m

40mm Thick Galvanize sheet - 6 (8'x4')

Lorry number - 26- 5416


40 mm GI sheet - 25 (8'x 4')

6 mm pokers - 510

Two were arrested with the equipments and police are conducting further inquires.

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