Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Army sponsored free medical clinic conducted for Jaffna civilians

The Sri Lankan Army Security Forces Headquarters Jaffna organized a free medical clinic for the civilians in Jaffna peninsula on Friday (June 28). According to the military sources in Jaffna, over 400 civilians residing in Kuddaththanai, Nadakuddathanai, Pothpadi and Manalkadu villages were given treatments by military medics and nursing staff at the clinic held at Kuddathanai Government School.

Elderly people, women and children were the majority among the patients, the sources said. Army provided dry rations and snacks for all who attended the clinic, the sources added.n

According to the military medics the large number residents of remote Jaffna villages are suffering from dental, skin, respiratory, and worm diseases and from malnutrition. Also, they noted that nearly three decades of terror war has deprived the residents of remote villages of quality health service and extreme poverty has held them from going to towns where large health facilities are available. However, army conducts regular health clinics for the civilians with its resources, they added.

The clinic was organized under the guidance of Major General GA Chandasiri , the Security Forces Commander Jaffna and with the full cooperation of government administrative officials in the area.

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