Sunday, July 13, 2008

Army Attacks LTTE defences South of Vidattaltivu; 7 terrorists killed

Troops operating under Task Force 1 attacked LTTE bunker defences located in the Karaimoddai and Periyavilankuli areas in the South of Vidattaltivu at several instances this morning (July 13), the defence sources said.

Troops commenced their assault by pounding a bunker compound located in the Periyavilankuli area, 2 km South of Vidattaltivu around 8.10 AM. Ground troops claimed 3 terrorists were killed in the incident.

Separately, troops attacked a fortified bunker line manned by LTTE terrorists in the Karaimoddai area at two instances. In the first attack that took place at 9.30 AM troops claimed 2 terrorists were killed and in the second one that took place at 10.45 AM troops claimed 2 more terrorist were killed. Also, in the same area a soldier suffered injuries due to an anti personnel mine explosion around 10.45 AM.

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