Thursday, July 3, 2008

14 LTTE terrorists killed, 12 injured in Wanni and Northern clashes

At least 14 terrorists were killed and 12 injured in fighting ensued between troops and LTTE at the Wanni and Northern battle theatres on Wednesday (July 2), according to finalized military reports received.

At the Northern battlefront in Nagarkovil, 2 terrorists were believed either killed or wounded when troops attacked an LTTE bunker defence using rocket propelled grenade fire and small arms fire at around 7.45p.m.

Meanwhile, security forces deployed at the Vavuniya front continued advances into non-liberated territory yesterday as troops claimed killing 7 terrorists while injuring 5 others during the confrontations. According to security sources confrontation between troops and LTTE were reported from Vedamakilam, Uluvaneri general areas. Also, during a search operation conducted in general area Panichchamadu, troops recovered 20 anti-personnel mines (AP) and 5 hand grenades, security sources said. Separately, in general area Palaimoddai troops have removed 88 AP mines, and uncovered a haul of slam arms ammunitions during a search operation conducted.

A soldier was killed and 3 others wounded in the clashes, military reports further stated.

In the Mannar battlefront, troops claimed that 5 LTTE terrorists were killed and 3 others wounded when troops clashed with a group of terrorists in general area Puthukkulama. Also, 2 soldiers were injured in the same area due to a bomb explosion, sources said.

On the Welioya theatre of battle, troops claimed that 2 LTTE terrorists killed, 5 wounded and another 22 either killed or severely injured in the confrontations yesterday North of Janakapura, Kiriibabanwewa, Andankulama and Kokkuthuduvai. According to reports, troops have also uncovered 68AP mines and 11 IEDs during a separate search operations conducted north of Janakapura and Kokkuthuduvai. 3 soldiers was also wounded in the clashes, security sources added.

Also, security forces acting on civilian information recovered following items during a search operation conducted in general area Ariyamankerni, at 10a.m.

a. 01 X RPG Round

b. 02 X 60 MM RDS

c.02 X LMG Drums

d. 30 X 12.7 Ammo

e. 40 X MPMG Ammo

f. 01 X 40 MM G/L RD

g. 02 X T56 Mags

h. 03 X Hand Granade

Separately, another recovery was made by troops in general area Poonanani at around 09.30a.m.

a. 02 X T- 56 Mags

b. 02 X Hand Grandes

c. 60 X T-56 Ammo

d. 01 X LTTE Pouch

e. 01 X LTTE Pack

In general area Dangeliyadda, Batticaloa troops have recovered another 30AP mines, sources said.

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