Friday, July 4, 2008

Wanni Liberation in progress: over 30 terrorists killed

Finalized military reports received from the Wanni battlefronts yesterday (July 3) indicate several significant gains to the armed forces engaged in counter terror offensives against the LTTE terrorists. According to the reports, over 30 terrorists were killed and at least 35 injured during these clashes. In addition, 2 soldiers were killed, 2 reported missing and 17 others were injured, the reports revealed.

On the Vavuniya- Mannar combined front troops attacked LTTE bunker defences located in the area West of Periyamadhu since last evening and destroyed 9 bunkers. According to the radio-monitoring figures, 17 terrorists were killed and 25 others were injured in this incident. Also, Army lost 2 soldiers, 2 others were reported missing and 10 others suffered injuries. Ground troops hold 7 of the captured bunkers at present.

In a similar incident reported from the Periyawalalayankaddu area last morning, ground troops confirmed that one LTTE cadre was killed.

In 3 separate confrontations occurred in the Naddankandal and Palamodai and Kovitkunchukulam areas during the course of the day, ground troops claimed 3 terrorists were killed. Also, 3 soldiers suffered injuries during these operations due to explosions of anti personal mines (AP) and improvised explosive devices (IED). Troops engaged in clearing operations in the area removed 27 AP mines.

Meanwhile on the Welioya front, troops had daylong clashes with the terrorists in the areas North of Janakapura and Kiriibbanwewa areas and claimed 5 terrorists were killed, 8 others wounded and 4 more were either killed or wounded. Also, 3 soldiers suffered injuries due to AP and IED explosions. Troops engaged in clearing operations removed 288 AP mines and 19 IEDs from areas North of Janakapura, Kiriibbanwewa and Kokkuthuduwai areas for the day.

Limited offensives are continuing.

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