Friday, July 18, 2008

Victorious march continues; 18 terrorists killed in clashes in Wanni and North

Multi pronged offensives at LTTE defences in the Wanni and Jaffna continued yesterday (July 17) leading Sri Lankan armed forces further closer to their final objective. According to the finalized military reports received from Wanni and Jaffna battlefronts at least 18 terrorists were killed, 27 wounded and 22 more were either killed or wounded. Also, 4 soldiers laid down their lives on the battlefield, one reported missing and 9 others bore wounds during these battles fought to liberate the motherland.

In the Jaffna theatre of battle, troops launched attacks at LTTE bunkers located in the Ponnar and Muhamalai areas in 4 separate occasions during the day. However, the exact details of terror casualties of these incidents were not available. Meanwhile, a sniper deployed in the Muhamalai forward defence line (FDL) confirmed shooting down of one LTTE cadre last morning.

In the Wanni theatre of operations, victorious troops of the Task Force 1 marched further northwards along the northwestern coast on the Mannar-Vavuniya combined warfront and halted 3km south Iluppaikkaddavai. Separately, soldiers of the same force removed 21 anti personnel (AP) mines while clearing Echchalarakkai area.

Meanwhile, troops of 57 division (Div) operating at the central part of the Vavuniya- Mannar front continued to dominate South of Tunukkai terror stronghold. During their march troops attacked a group of LTTE cadres detected in the area last evening and claimed 9 terrorists were wounded while a soldier was reported missing. Later, radio monitoring sources revealed 2 terrorists were killed in this incident.

Separately, 57 Div troops operating in the Pandiyankulam area confronted with a group of terrorists in the same evening and claimed 2 terrorists killed and few others wounded. Troops also, collected 2 bodies of slain LTTE cadres along with 2 T-56 weapons. Later, radio monitoring sources confirmed that 3 LTTE cadres were wounded while 2 reported missing in the incident.

A sniper deployed in the Oddankulama area claimed that one terrorist was killed during the evening hours.

Meanwhile, troops of Task Force 2 operating in the eastern flank of the Vavuniya- Mannar front continued their offensives in the Palamoddai and Navvi areas along the day.

In the general area Palamoddai troops had 2 major incidents in the morning and evening. Troops attacked a group of terrorists last morning and claimed 2 terrorists were killed. During the evening hours, troops attacked a terror bunker and claimed one terrorist was either killed or wounded.

Map 1Meanwhile, troops attacked and captured 8 LTTE bunkers located in separate locations in the Navvi area during the course of the day and claimed 2 terrorists were killed and 5 others were either killed or wounded. Two soldiers were killed and 4 others suffered injuries due to an IED (improvised explosive device) on the same day evening.

At Pillaiyanankulam , Army listening post came under an attack during midnight. A soldier was killed in this incident.

Meanwhile, troops of 56 Div operating in the Vedamakilam area confronted with a group of terrorists during the morning hours and claimed 2 terrorists were killed.

On the Welioya front, troops of 59 Div continued their offensive march through the Mullaittivu and had daylong clashes with the terrorists in the North of Janakapura, North of Kiriibbanwewa, Andankulama, Nittukkai, and Vellankulama areas.

In the North of Janakapura area, troops had 7 separate confrontations with the terrorists. According to the details complied on ground and technical sources, 3 terrorists were killed, 4 wounded and 6 others were either killed or wounded. Also, troops destroyed 2 LTTE bunkers and removed 3 IEDs.

In the North of Kiriibbanwewa area, troops attacked 3 LTTE bunkers at separate incidents and claimed one terrorist was killed, 3 others wounded and 7 more were either killed or wounded.

In the general area Anadankulama, troops had four separate confrontations with the terrorists and claimed one terrorist was killed, 5 others wounded and 3 more were either killed or wounded. Also, 2 soldiers suffered injuries due to terror mortar fire in one of the confrontations occurred last morning. Troops engaged in clearing operations in the area removed 27 AP mines and 3 IEDs.

In the general area , Vellankulama, troops attacked an LTTE bunker during evening hours and claimed one terrorist was killed and 3 others wounded.

Meanwhile, in the general area Nittukkai, one soldier was killed and 3 others suffered injuries in 2 separate IED explosions occurred last morning.

Limited offensives are being continued.

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