Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Limited operations continue at Wanni and North; 38 terrorists killed

Military offensives continued at the Wanni and Northern battle theaters, Tuesday (July 8) as troops claimed killing 38 LTTE terrorists while injuring over a dozen others, security sources report.

According to finalized military reports, LTTE losses at the Vavuniya front accounted to 21, in addition to 9 SLA injuries. The skirmishes between troops and LTTE were reported from general areas at Navvi, Periyavalayankaddu, Palamoddai, Vedamakilam, Adampankulama, Periyamadhu and Iruvil, sources said. 6 soldiers received injuries due to IED explosions, while 3 others were reported wounded in anti-personnel mine explosions at general areas Iruvil and Navvi, in Vavuniya.

Meanwhile, at the Mannar battlefront, troops claimed killing 9 LTTE terrorists and injuring 4 others. 2 terrorists were killed sniped in general area Puthukamam by SLA, while 3 were reported killed and 2 injured in a confrontation with troops in the same area.

4 other terrorists were also killed and 2 wounded during clashes with troops, Tuesday West of Parapukadanthan, security sources report.

In the Welioya front, troops forced into LTTE defence lines killing 8 terrorists, injuring 7 others, North of Janakapura and Kiriibbanwewa, security sources said. According to the same sources, 12 soldiers were also wounded in the clashes with LTTE.

At the Jaffna front in Kilali, 2 soldiers were injured due to an AP mine explosion, at around 3.45 a.m.

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