Sunday, June 1, 2008

LTTE would have stolen 17,000 detonators from a Tamil Nadu warehouse- TN Police

The Police in Tamil Nadu has confirmed that the 17,000 detonators missing from a Trichy Warehouse would have been stolen by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The LTTE terrorists is facing the brunt of an offensive of the armed forces of Sri Lanka and is allegedly increased its offences against civilians in the South of the country.

Around 17,000 detonators were reported from a godown in Karur near the Tamil Nadu city of Trichy and the Tamil Nadu police ruled out the Indian terrorists, Naxals, as the culprits behind the theft and pointed their finger at the LTTE terrorists.

The incident once again raised fears in the Indian security circles that the terrorist group could be still using neighbouring Tamil Nadu as their weapons supply base despite all sorts of precautions taken by both governments.

The Director General of Police in Tamil Nadu, K.P. Jain told an Indian television station, "Definitely there is a security concern. That is why we have procedures to check storage facilities and other shops, to ensure that they are not given out to wrong people. But still these cases happen. We do not suspect Naxals. But it could be for the LTTE."

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