Saturday, June 14, 2008

LTTE terrorists kill two Tamil prisoners in Jaffna

Defence sources in Jaffna reveal that two Tamil prisoners while being taken to the courts were shot dead by suspected LTTE gunmen this morning (June 13). An armed gang of 3-4 members who had arrived in a van stopped the bus belonging to the Prison Department and carried out the shooting around 9.15 am., said the sources. Another prisoner suffered injuries and was directed to immediate medical attention the sources added.

Police said that the bus was traveling from Chunnakam to Point Pedro. The armed gang had stopped the vehicle at the old rail crossing at Chunnkam and the shooting was carried out using micro pistols. The assassins had dropped a leaflet at the location with the message, "Death to those who betray the Tigers", police added.

Later, the van was found left in a near by location. A civilian has made a complain to the police that the van had been forcibly taken from him by an armed gang of Tamils this morning.

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