Friday, June 27, 2008

Wanni operation continues; 10 terrorists killed, 14 injured

Troops who were conducting continues offensive operations mainly in Wanni theatre killed 10 terrorists while injuring 14 others in clashes occurred in several areas yesterday, June 25, the finalized military report received from forefront said. Another 13 more terrorists reportedly either killed or wounded. 2 army soldiers have laid their lives for the motherland while 14 others suffered injuries during confrontations, the report further said.

In Vavuniya front, clashes between troops and LTTE terrorists reported Periyamadhu, Chiraddikulam and Navvi areas. 2 terrorists were killed while 3 others suffered injuries in these clashes. Meanwhile, one soldier was killed and 5 others received injuries, the report said. 34 anti-personnel mines also uncovered while conducting mine clearing operations in general area Periyamadhu.

In Mannar front, an army soldier suffered injuries exploding an anti-personnel mine in general area Veddayamurippu.

In Welioya front, 7 terrorists were killed and another 11 suffered injuries due to clashes ensued in north of Janakapura and north of Kiriibbanwewa areas. 13 more terrorists reportedly either killed or wounded during these clashes. One soldier suffered injuries and 7 more received injuries, the report said.

Further, few war like items were found in a search operation conducted following a confrontation took place in north of Janakapura area. One MPMG weapon, 34 hand grenades, and 1500 T-56 ammunition were among the items found.

80 anti-personnel mines and 13 Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) were also unearthed in mine clearing operations conducted in north of Kiriibbanwewa and north of Janakapura areas.

In Jaffna theatre, an LTTE terrorist was gunned down by the army snipers deployed in Muhamalai front. Separately, an army soldier also suffered injuries in a confrontation took place in Kilaly front.

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