Monday, June 9, 2008

Sri Lankan expatriates in London requested to help soldiers

Venerable Galayaye Piyadassi Maha Thera said Sri Lankan expatriates should slowdown on expensive parties on their cocktail circuit and contribute, at least, part of that money for the mother who nourished them , and brought them to the present affluence in the first world.

"Our mother- Sri Lanka gave us free education, like no other country in the world that helped everyone living in the West more affluent than our own brothers and sisters back at home. Please remember we owe much to Sri Lanka , especially the soldiers who lay their lives to protect the country at this hour of crisis ," Piyadassi Mahathera said addressing a large crowd assembled to commemorate the Ranaviru Day at the Saddhathissa Buddhist Centre in Kingsbury London.

June 7 was commemorated as a remembrance day for Sri Lanka's fallen soldiers and the ones disabled in the current war in the country. He said time has come up for those who put up affluent parties among Sri Lankan expatriates, by allocating at least part of that money for the country who made them educated enough free of charge to become what we are in the West, Piyadassi Maha Thera said.

He said he was satisfied by the tremendous service done by the armed forces of Sri Lanka to save part of our population from the jackboot of Fascism and deliver back their democratic rights to them. The Maha Thera said it was the prime duty of all expatriates to look after the disabled soldiers who are being treated at rehabilitation centres and the children of the brave soldiers who have been felled by the bullets of the enemy.

Venerable Samanaliye Piyadassi, Veenerable Wanduramba Kassapa also took part in the memorial service. Military Counsellor of the Sri Lanka High Commission Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe also participated.

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