Monday, June 9, 2008

9 terrorists killed, 5 wounded in yesterday's clashes - Vavuniya front

Troops engaged in counter terrorist offensive operations are inching further towards LTTE territory inflicting damages to the enemy in Vavuniya front on Wanni theatre. A finalized military report received from forefront said that 9 terrorists were killed and 5 others suffered injuries in yesterday's clashes.

Troops confronted with a group of LTTE terrorists in general area Periyamadhu and ground sources confirmed that one terrorist was killed due to the attack. In the same area, an army sniper gunned down a terrorist ahead of the own defence line. An army soldier suffered injuries in separate confrontation occurred in the same area, the report said.

In general area east of Periyamadhu, 3 terrorists were killed and 5 injured in two separate confrontations took place during day hours yesterday. Separately, troops ambushed an LTTE movement in the same area killing 3 terrorists. In a subsequent search operation, troops found a body of slain LTTE cadre along with few warlike items. One T56 weapon, 30 ammunition, one magazine and one I-Com set were also among the recoveries. An army soldier who received injuries in a separate confrontation in the same area has been sent to the Anuradhapura military hospital, the report added.

In general area Naddankandal, intercepting radio transmission it is learnt that an LTTE terrorist was killed during a confrontation took place around 4.00 p.m. Meanwhile, troops found a claymore mine weighing of 7.5kg while conducting a search operation in general area south of Naddankandal.

Separately, an army soldier suffered injuries due to a confrontation took place in general area Kayamoddi last afternoon.

Limited offensive operations are underway.

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