Monday, June 9, 2008

Sri Lankans in the UK to demonstrate against terrorism

Sri Lankan expatriates living in the UK are to hold a protest demonstration outside the Commonwealth Secretariat on June 10 to protest against the LTTE and its many acts of terrorism over the past three decades, according to London sources.

The protest will coincide with a conference of Commonwealth Heads of State who have gathered to discuss among other issues, the reformation of international institutions such as the IMF and World Bank, sources added.

The LTTE, an organization banned in Britain as well as many other countries including the USA, Canada and Australia, is considered the most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world. In recent times the LTTE, suffering many setbacks and having been driven out of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka have resorted to attacking 'soft targets' such as buses and trains, killing hundreds of people and causing much damage to property. People belonging to all ethic groups and of all religious faiths have died in these attacks.

The protestors expect to bring to the attention of the Commonwealth Heads of States and the British Authorities the true story of the LTTE and the necessity to completely destroy its terrorist capabilities if democracy and peace are to be restored in Sri Lanka, London sources revealed.

Courtesy: Government Information Department

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