Friday, June 27, 2008

Periyamadhu falls to troops - Mannar fron

The Periyamadhu village, one of the LTTE's strongholds in Mannar front, captured by the security forces personnel and troops have also gained the full control over 7sq Km patch in Periyamadhu this evening (June 26), the MCNS said.

The victorious soldiers are presently conducting clearing operations to consolidate the area. Fierce gun battle took place in this area for last few weeks and despite the LTTE's resistance troops advanced into Periyamadhu village.

Earlier, on 14th of June, troops captured entire bund of the Periyamadhu tank which is about 2.5Km long. Immediately after capturing the Periyamadhu tank area troops marching towards Periyamadhu village.

The damages suffered to the enemy due to the confrontations ensued in this area are yet to be known.

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