Tuesday, June 10, 2008

16 terrorist killed in yesterday's clashes in Jaffna and Wanni

Finalized military reports received from battlefronts in the North yesterday (June 9) indicate that 16 terrorists were killed and at least 8 others wounded. Also, 14 others were reportedly killed or wounded while 3 soldiers were killed and 40 others suffered injuries.

In the Jaffna theatre of battle, troops attacked an identified LTTE hideout in the Muhamalai area last night. Troops claimed 3 terrorists were either killed or wounded in the incident. Meanwhile, a soldier suffered injuries due to an anti personal (AP) mine explosion in the Kilalay area on the same day morning.

On the Wanni theatre of battle , troops operating on the Vavuniya front attacked an LTTE bunker in the Vedamakilam area in the morning hours. Troops claimed the bunker was partially destroyed and one LTTE cadre killed.

On the Mannar front, fierce fighting erupted between troops and LTTE terrorists in the Alankulama area from dawn to dusk. During these clashes, 9 LTTE cadres were killed, one child soldier captured alive. Also, three bodies of slain LTTE cadres were found. 3 soldiers were killed in action while 27 suffered injuries.

In the Nedunkandal area, 3 soldiers suffered injuries due to an LTTE booby trap last evening. Also, in the same day morning, one LTTE cadre was reportedly gunned down by soldiers deployed in the Mampullukulama area.

On the Welioya, front troops moving ahead on the jungles of Mulaithiuvu had a series of clashes in the North of Janakapura and North of Kiriibbanwewa areas throughout the day. During these clashes, 5 LTTE cadres were killed , at least 8 others were wounded and 11 more were recorded as either killed or wounded. One soldier was killed and 9 others suffered injuries.

Limited counter terror operations are being continued

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