Monday, June 9, 2008

28 LTTE terrorists killed, over 20 wounded in clashes

Sri Lankan military formations broke into LTTE defences in multi-pronged offensives launched at the Wanni battle theatre in Mannar, Vavuniya and Welioya yesterday (June 7), claiming that at least 27 terrorists were killed, over 20 wounded during the intense fighting. According to reports received a soldier has also laid his life and another 21 wounded, with many casualties caused due to AP mines and IED explosions, security sources said.

Meanwhile, a terrorist was reported killed, 5 others injured in addition to 7 military fatalities, at the Jaffna front in clashes ensued between troops and LTTE on Saturday. The fighting was reported from the Nagarkovil and Muhamalai general areas, sources said.

In the Mannar battlefront, heavy fighting were reported in areas ahead of the LTTE's constructed defences in general areas at Navathkulama, Alankulama, Paleipperumalkaddu and Kaduskandal. An LTTE bunker was destroyed and 2 terrorists killed in the clashes security sources said, adding that troops have also recovered 20 AP mines during subsequent search operations launched. A soldier was also reported wounded due to an LTTE small arms fire attack in general area Paleipperumalkaddu.

According to reports received, LTTE has suffered heavy losses alone at the Vavuniya battlefront as troops claimed to have killed 17 terrorists, while injuring 6 others yesterday. Two slain LTTE bodies including a female body were also said recovered by troops during separate search operations launched in general areas Chiraddikulam and Periyamadu respectively. In addition security forces have also found 43 anti-personnel (AP) mines laid by LTTE in general area Palampiddi.

Meanwhile, troops advanced into Naddankandal existing LTTE defence line and reportedly have uncovered few LTTE trenches along with 2 claymore mines and 9 AP mines. A RPG pack, 2 ground sheets, 2 water cans and 3 shoes were also among the items found, security sources added.

At the Welioya battle theatre, troops confirmed that 8 LTTE terrorists were killed and 10 wounded during fighting erupted in general areas North of Janakapura, Kokkuthuduval and Kiriibbanwewa. According to security sources, 8 soldiers have also received injuries during the confrontations. Meanwhile, troops have also uncovered 13 IEDs and 68 AP mines during subsequent search operations conducted, security sources added.

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