Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hindu Priest assaulted by armed gang in robbery attempt- Jaffna

A Hindu Priest and his wife was severely injured after been assaulted by an unidentified armed Tamil gang who have attempted to rob their house at late mid night on, Monday(June 2) in Kokuvil, Jaffna. Later, two other separate robbery attempts were also reported from the Kokuvil and Kondavil general areas as believed responsible by the same group.

The Hindu Priest Aiyyar Jeganadan and wife was beaten and stabbed by the gang when the Priest confronted the robbers, Kopay Police said. According to available information, a group of 5 men armed with swords, knives and clubs wearing sarongs and shirts have broken into their house at around 12.30a.m., and robbed them of their jewellery and cash worth Rs. 11 lacks and Rs. 115,000 respectively.

The gang had fled leaving the priest and his wife with sever cut wounds, Police said. The Priest was later rushed to the Jaffna teaching hospital.

Separately, the same mob has attempted to break into another Hindu Priest's house in general area Kondavil at around 1a.m., as reported. The gang has left the location outraged and threatening the Priest with death, when he refused to open the doors after they attempted to enter, claiming that they were from the Army. Spotting that they were no military-men and their casual clothing, Ayyar Mahadevakrishnamurthi strongly opposed them entering his house, sources said. "The gang left setting fire to my motorcycle and another vehicle parked outside", Aiyyar Krishnamurthi was quoted as saying by the Police. "These men were no military as they tried to identify themselves. They were in casuals and spoke fluent Tamil and I'am definitely sure with their Jaffna accent", Aiyyar Krishnamurthi has said with the Kopay Police.

According to Kopay Police, a similar complaint was logged by a Tamil businessman on the same day at Kokuvil, also said threatened by a similar gang who attempted to break into his house. The mob had left after damaging two windows, Police sources said.

"No doubt that the LTTE is behind this robbery attempts. It is the growing trust between the Army and Jaffna Tamils that has been disturbing the LTTE recently. They (LTTE) will be resorting to similar organised covert methods to draw uncertainty and tension among civilians", a Hindu priest has said after lodging a complaint with the Kopay Police.

"What they(LTTE) want now is to cause fear with the people, while discrediting the military" he further said.

Earlier, on 29th May 6 civilians were killed, 12 injured and civilian property damaged when LTTE indiscriminately shelled Jaffna town area as reprisal after thousands attended the "Jaffna-reawakening" carnival, held at Doreiappah grounds, organized by the Security Forces and the Jaffna Traders Association.

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