Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sri Lanka Navy denies reports on alleged firing incident

Attention has been drawn to media reports of an alleged firing incident involving the Sri Lanka Navy on the night of 2nd June 2008 said to have resulted in the death of a fisherman from Tamil Nadu.

When these reports were brought to the attention of the Naval authorities in Sri Lanka, they conducted a thorough investigation. Its outcome has established that there is no involvement of the Sri Lanka Navy in the alleged incident.

It may be recalled that the Sri Lanka Navy has been acknowledged by Tamil Nadu fishermen on several occasions for rendering humanitarian assistance at times of distress at sea. However, it is also a reality that those with vested interests and sinister motives may have attempted to tarnish the positive image of the Sri Lanka Navy among Tamil Nadu fishermen. For its part, the Sri Lanka Navy follows a strict practice of treating Indian fishermen including those detected in Sri Lankan waters, in a humanitarian manner.

Courtesy: Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission- Chennai

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