Friday, June 6, 2008

Five suspects arrested with Explosives - Yatiyantota

Five suspects including two Jaffna civilians were arrested from a house in Panawatte, Yatiyantota along with a stock of explosives this morning, June 6, military sources said.

One hand grenade, eighteen rounds of .22 and .38 ammunition, 820 g of C-4 explosives and three gelignite sticks were found when the police search the suspected house on a tip-off given by a civilian.

Two personnel, had come to this house from Jaffna a few days ago on a visit, Police sources said. All the house occupants are now in Yatiyantota Police custody as special detectives and further interrogations are being conducted, sources added.

This arrest precedes a series of major breakthroughs being made into several such arrests, connected to LTTE terrorist activities throughout the island.

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