Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bomb explosion in Wellawatta [03rd Lead]

A bomb has been exploded in a location along the rail track between Wellawatta and Dehiwala railway stations this morning, June 04. It is believed that the bomb had been triggered off targeting the Colombo bound highly crowed passenger train.

According to the available information, explosion occurred around 7.10 a.m.

The director of the Kalubowila teaching hospital said that 18 civilians, 15 males and 3 females, who suffered minor injuries have already been admitted to the hospital following the explosion.

Minor damages reported to the railway track, police sources added.

Earlier, 9 civilians were killed including a pregnant mother and 84 more passengers suffered injuries when the LTTE terrorists exploded a bomb inside a highly crowded Colombo- Panadura train around 4.55 p.m on 26th May 2008.

Police and STF personnel conducting invesitgations at the site. The rail track was slightly damaged. (Pix by: Priyantha Wijewardhana)

A train cabin is also seen here with slight damages caused due to the IED explosion. (Pix by: Priyantha Wijewardhana)


Bomb explosion in Wellawatta [02nd Lead]

An explosion occurred in Wellawatta [01st Lead]

Death toll rises to 9; 84 wounded in LTTE bomb explosion - Dehiwala

7 Killed, 73 wounded in LTTE bomb explosion - Dehiwala

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