Monday, February 2, 2009

Troops avert LTTE suicidal attempt to wreck disaster: 'planned to destroy Iranamadu Tank bund'

An LTTE effort to destroy the Iranamadu Tank bund flooding an whole landscape with 2 military divisions while powerful havoc on thousands of civilians entrapped in the area was productively averted by Sri Lankan Army troops of the 57 Division lately.
According to military sources, LTTE terrorists had intended to open a secret underwater suicide attack, explosion a section of the Iranamadu tank bund with, over 75kgs of C-4 high explosives. The bang would have caused the obliteration of the boiler bund, flooding an whole land mass wrecking havoc, triggering a kind disaster, what would have been the "worst ever in new history", a military official said.
Terrorists had future to place four 25kg weighing 'limpet' mines (a type of mine with a good-looking base, often used by the LTTE to cause underwater detonation) which would have been conventional by two suicide divers. Available in order from the battlefront reveals that two terrorists had made successive attempts to put the mines on the flatten bars of the wash gates before they were under arrest by the security forces. Unable to do the suicide attack amidst strong security patrol the terrorists have guised themselves as IDPs and sought safe haven with security forces(17 GR) in the area. The individuals have later revealed their friendship with the terrorist group and threadbare details of the ineffective suicide attack.
Subsequently, the 17GR troops commanded by Major Senaka Kumarawansa uncovered three 25kg volatile mines with balanced devices and three detonators and two diving kits with gear during search operations conducted.
"The D-day was intended either on 25th or 28th January, master minded by the LTTE sea tiger head Soosai himself and another close connect of Prabakaran", military said. LTTE terrorists have planned for a speedy raid on boats along the flood canals towards the military onward defence lines, also help with coordinated artillery barrages from the avowed civilian safe zone.
Earlier, on 24th January, LTTE terrorists maddening off the Kalamadukulam Tank bund flooding sections of the A-35 Paranthan - Mullaittivu main road, Ramanatpuram, Dharmapuram and Visuamadu in its dire attempt to booth the multi-frontal military surge. Meanwhile, the two remaining irrigation tanks- Visuamadukulama and Udayarkattukulama were totally unconventional by safety armed forces last week.

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