Thursday, February 5, 2009

Deputy sea tiger leader killed; fall of Chalai imminent

Adding another huge hinder for the LTTE terrorists in Wanni battlefront the Deputy LTTE sea tiger head and three other sea tiger leaders were killed in a fierce argument took put in north of Chalai yesterday, 4 February, the newest military sources in battlefront said.
According to the available information, LTTE sea tiger second-in-command leader known as Vinayagam was killed as troops of 55 Division on assignment to imprison LTTE's last sea tiger base, Chalai, launched an effective unpleasant push against LTTE confrontation. The intense fighting reported between 1.45PM to 2.00 PM, defence sources said.
By intercepting LTTE communication channels, it is revealed that terrorists were not capable to found the body of the killed deputy sea tiger leader so far as troops continued their unpleasant on residual LTTE positions in the area.
Meanwhile, In-charge of LTTE land fighting group known as Kader and sea tiger Pooneryn area leader know as Pahalawan were also killed all through the argument, military sources further confirmed.
Sea tiger special leader known as Sinna Kannan was killed in a split confrontation reported in north of Chalai around 8.50 AM yesterday. He was later given the self-styled rank of 'Lt. Colonel', Electronic Warfare (EW) sources confirmed intercepting LTTE message channels. Eight more sea tigers were also killed throughout the battle.
Troops are now heading towards Chalai, the only remaining sea tiger base, ahead more LTTE beating areas amidst rigid confrontation given by the terrorists.

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