Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LTTE fire fleeing civilians ; 19 killed , Army rescue 1046 civilians - Puthukkuduyiruppu

The latest reports inward from the Army Task Force 2 indicate that 19 civilians have been killed and 75 others injured in the cowardly LTTE assault at the civilians seeking refuge with the soldiers in Udayarkattukualam this morning (Feb 10). Among the dead are 2 children , 5 women , and 12 males. Another 28 children , 30 women and 17 men have suffered injuries.
Sri Lanka Army Task Force 2 soldiers in service west of Puthukkuduyiruppu, in Mullaittivu area have rescued about 1046 Tamil civilians evasion the LTTE person protect in Wanni this morning (Feb 10). According to the defence sources, the civilians have at home to the civilian save point in the North east of Udayarkattukulam area between 6 AM and 7 AM amidst raging LTTE little arms flames.
Army has taken events to airlift the seriously wounded people to Anuruadhapura and Vavuniya hospitals while the others have been given first aid at field dressing position at the save point itself. Troops expects more civilians arrivals today, said the sources.
The attack at the civilians is the third in this month approved out by the LTTE terrorists to stop civilians getting out of the human shield in Wanni. Yesterday (Feb 9) a brainwashed LTTE suicide bomber blew herself up, at a civilian save tip killing 10 civilians and wounding over 40.

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