Sunday, February 1, 2009

Naval Patrol Craft rescues 43 Tamil Civilians fleeing from LTTE clutches in Mullaithivu

srSri Lanka Navy's patrol skill rescued 43 Tamil civilians who were fleeing from the LTTE control on the 31st of January 2009 approximately 0730 hrs.
The escapees, belonging to 11 families, consisted of 14 males, 13 females and 16 brood, of whom 12 were boys and 4 were girls. They had fled huddled together in two yarn glass boats, seeking help from the naval vessels deployed on save missions in the Mullaithivu seas.
They had been delighted when they finally managed to reach the marine patrol craft in spite of their boats' unsafe slow way due to overcrowding and uneven seas. Upon save the escapees were securely brought to the Naval aloofness at Pulmudai. Naval workers attended in the direction of the group's instant basic supplies by as long as them with much-wanted food and food and drink. Medical action was given to persons who were found sick and tired by the naval checkup workers.
The escapees expressed their huge relief to have been rescued from an ordeal of sore experiences they had conventional at the hands of a cruel terror outfit which does not care even the International Community's persistent appeals to let go the innocent civilians in their grip. LTTE's oppressive orders, they claim from side to side their first hand knowledge, do not spare even the sick or the upset.
Sri Lanka Navy has made particular arrangements to receive unfortunate Tamil civilians fleeing from the LTTE clutches. Naval personnel and vessels along with stand-by save and checkup teams are on particular use for this caring help mission in the North-eastern seas.

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