Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fighting intensifies at Mullaittivu battlefront: Challai under siege

Advancing troops of the 55 and 58 Division have stepped-up intensified attacks at Challai LTTE defences inflicting heavy reward to LTTE since yesterday (Feb 2).
According to finalized military information conventional, 12GW troops required into an LTTE bunker in the vapors killing 14 terrorists and injuring 6 others, in general area Challai, Monday at about 3.45p.m. During following search operations conducted troops have also bare 14 Light machine guns(LMGs), 10x T-56 weapons, 15 claymore mines and 50 anti-personnel(AP) mines.
divide confrontations were also reported between troops and LTTE in general area at Tamarakulam and Vaddaikkachchi as troops long-established killed 9 terrorists and injuring 6 others.
Meanwhile, 9 more terrorists were killed and 4 injured when 58 Division troops overran 2 LTTE bunker locations in general area Visuamadu.

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