Thursday, February 12, 2009

Army 58 Div makes significant gains on battleground- North of A-35

Sri Lanka Army 58 Division choreography north of the A-35 road (Paranthan- Mullaittivu) has been antagonism pitched battles with the terrorists in the Kuppilankulam and Tamarankulam areas since last week. Battlefield reports point to that troops have withstood heavy terrorist resistances while scoring important victories next to the terrorists.
During yesterday's operations (Feb 11), troops of 9 Gemunu Watch (9GW) captured a highly carrying arms terrorist camp located in Sinna Villu area, northeast of Kuppilankulam in the afternoon hours. Troops during following search found a body of an LTTE cadres, four 120 mm mortar guns, two 81 mm mortar guns, one 120 mm firearm tubes, four bipods of 120 mm mortar guns , six bipods of 81 mm mortar guns, six base plates of 81 mm mortar guns, one Light mechanism Gun (LMG), one T-56 riffle, and one more rifle . Ground sources long-established that LTTE had suffered a heavy toll in this meeting.
Meanwhile troops of 12GW, 7 Sinha Regiment (7SR), and 19 Vijayaba Infantry Regiment (19 VIR), had daylong clashes with the terrorists in the Tamarankulam area. Troops then found four bodies of LTTE cadres, five T-56 riffles, two claymore mines, six electrically operated mines, and one radio message set. Tamarankulam is a distant area located about 5 km north of A-35 and 3 km west of Chalai lagoon.
The 58 Division victories for yesterday also include the imprison of LTTE printing shove and the mortar bomb-developed factory as reported previous.
Snipers deployed in the forward areas long-established shooting down of 23 terrorist at a variety of locations during daytime.

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