Sunday, February 1, 2009

More civilians escape from LTTE person shield- Wanni

With Sri Lanka Army is fasts eliminating LTTE barricades in remaining LTTE beating areas in Mullaittivu, rising numbers of civilians are being able to flee the LTTE person shield, reveal battleground sources. Yesterday (Jan 31) alone 195 civilians found safe passages to the government forbidden areas, the sources add.
Sri Lanka Navy boats deployed in Mullaittivu coastal waters rescued 43 civilians belonging to 11 families last morning. Sri Lanka navy since lately has made a special boat use with ready medical teams and caring aid in the northeastern seas to rescue civilians fleeing LTTE rule of terror in Mullaittivu via sea routes.
Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Army sources said that a total of 116 civilians including 51 females and 65 males arrived at the Omanthai entry exit point during the route of the day. In Mullaittivu, a total of 152 civilians required safe haven with the military of 57 and 58 Divisions.
The IDPs were heading for to the welfare centers.

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