Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More LTTE military items found - west of Putthukkudiruppu

Troops of 621 and 622 Brigades serving under Task Force 2 (TF2) have establish more aggressive items left behind by the fleeing terrorists while conducting search and clear operations yesterday, 24 February, military report conventional from the battlefront said.
01 x RPG round, 500 x T-56 Ammunition, 3 x hand grenades, 1 x tractor were bare by the troops of 7 Sri Lanka Signal Corps (7 SLSC) serving in 621 Brigade from worldwide area Panainindankulam last morning.
Meanwhile, troops of 18 Vijayabahu Infantry division (18VIR) conducting payment procedure between next and third defence lines in general area west of Putthukkudiruppu exposed motor series and two generators morning hours. One of the generators is 0.3KW while the other is 0.5KW.
Similar troops have found a T-56 weapon and a water force from west of Putthukkudiruppu area while conducting a search process in afternoon hours.

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