Sunday, February 1, 2009

Army 58 Division Scores string of battlefield victories against LTTE - Visuamadu

Sri Lanka Army 58 Division military yesterday (Jan 31) scored a string of victories next to the LTTE terrorists in the Visuamadu area with a loaded collection of battlefield trophies.
Infantrymen of 11 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (11 SLLI) in service under 582 group captured a well carrying weapons LTTE camp located south of Piramanthalkulam last morning.
Troops far-reaching down the A-35 road (Paranthan - Mullaittivu) on west-east alliance came crossways the LTTE camp situated north of the 12th milepost about 11.20 AM. Troops captured the camp after thrashing off the terrorist in a tending battle and establish 9 bodies of LTTE cadres with an assortment of weapons. Two T-56 riffles, one M-16 Light mechanism Gun (LMG) built in the USA, and nine USA made TIPPMAN A-5 air riffles were among the arms found. Also, troops found a fully air-conditioned dugout built subversive in the camp premises.
Meanwhile , infantrymen of 6 Gamunu Watch (6GW) choreography towards Challai pond captured a highly carrying weapons LTTE camp located in the jungle , east of Puliyampokkanal on the same morning. Troops consider that the camp was second-hand by the Black Tigers or the band of suicide bombers. Troops came across the camp on the eastern bank of the Piramanthal Aru, about 7 km north of the A-35 road around 11.30 AM and captured the camp after a heavy argument. Troops found 2 bodies of LTTE cadres along with a big haul of arms ammo listed below:
Description Qty Description Qty
120 mm Mortar Guns 3 RPG bombs 13
81 mm Mortar Guns 2 Claymore Mines 8
82 mm Mortar Gun 1 Arul Bombs 35
80 mm Mortar Guns 2 Detonators 100
T56 Riffles 18 Radio set 1
Multi Purpose Machine guns 6 FMC Pistol Rounds 3000
Sniper Riffle 1 Gas Mask 35
Thermo-baric weapons 2 Helmets 48
Disposable RPG 8 Integrants tools 75
Hand Grenades 59 12.7 mm Tripod 1
Pistols 20 Pouches 35
RPG launchers 3
In the general area Kariyakvayal south, infantrymen of 9 GW attacked a terrorist group detected about 4 km west of Challai lagoon on the same morning. Both earth sources and intercepted terrorists radio transmissions reports long-established heavy compensation to the LTTE. Troops during following search operation found 53 T- 56 riffles.
Meanwhile, snipers deployed in the forward areas of 58 Division claimed gunfire down of 7 LTTE cadres throughout the day.
Counter terrorist operations are being sustained with the terrorists fast withdrawing towards Challai.

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