Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ultimatum to LTTE expires: terrorists ignore safe passage for stranded civilians

LTTE terrorists sustained worsening pain of the thousands of civilians entrapped in the outer edge of Mullaittivu, ignoring the 48 hour ultimatum served for the safe way of civilians by the Sri Lankan administration.
The terrorists unnoticed the ultimatum with disdain which was affirmed to ensure safe mass departure of an predictable 1.2 lakh people by force held by the LTTE as human shields. "LTTE terrorists violating the object of the safe area, moved heavy weaponry batteries and mortar guns over civilians endangering their safety also attempting to draw civilian wounded in a military reprisal", defence observers state.
According to available in order, terrorists are manning a forward defence line in the outer perimeters of the Safe Zone, which is also said to be messy with land mines clamping any civilian effort to reach the unconventional areas beneath the safety forces.
"The people have been continually intimidated by the outfit of harsh reprisal for attempting to flee from the LTTE torture zones", a military official at Vavuniya said citing a group of escapees who had arrived at Omanthai on Friday (20). "Faced with an unsurprising defeat the terrorist group to the crude method of using civilians to make bigger the multi-frontal armed surge has resorted into its remaining jungle hideout, now long-drawn-out across a mere area" defence observers further affirmed.
Despite, LTTE's scorn on the safe way of civilians the Sri Lankan government on Saturday (31) announced that it would carry on to stick to the zero civilian injured party (ZCC) policy while good-looking in its all out attempt to get rid of the terrorists.

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