Monday, February 9, 2009

Over 4500 Tamil civilians reach security forces seeking safety - Mullaittivu

As the security forces further decrease LTTE beating areas, 4701 more Tamil civilians who were kept as hostages by the LTTE terrorists have crossed over to unconventional areas from the Puthukudiyirippu in Mullaittivu amidst heavy thrashing and gunfire by the LTTE, throughout the last 24 hours, 9 February, defence sources said.
The civilians have been heading for to the welfare centers recognized in Vavuniya after as long as with meals and medical treatments. "The Army and the GA's office are prepared to make easy these civilians and their safety and welfare is well certain", armed official said language to
Yesterday, marking the uppermost number of displaced people crossed in a single day over to the unconventional areas, 5593 Tamil civilians reached to security forces looking for safety for their lives.
Troops now busy in a rescue mission to open evasion routes for the Tamil civilians how were by force held by the terrorists as a human shield.

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