Friday, February 13, 2009

Intense fighting reported in Pudukudiirippu; heavy damages to terrorists

Infantrymen of 641 and 642 Brigades portion under Task Force 4 (TF4) had more than a few confrontation with LTTE terrorists in universal area Puthukkudiyiruppu inflicting serious damages to the adversary yesterday, 12 February.
Snipers deployed in 641 Brigade have gunned down 4 LTTE terrorists in countenance of the defence line in two split occasions, military report traditional from the battlefront said.
Meanwhile, troops of 14 Sri Lanka Singa Regiment (14 SLSR), 20 Sri Lanka glow Infantry (20 SLLI) and 18 Gemunu Watch (18 GW) serving under 642 Brigade in service in the Puthukkudiyiruppu area confronted with LTTE terrorists causing grave recompense to the enemy, the armed report added.
During a clearing process, troops of 14 SLSR have uncovered a few weapons absent away by the terrorists. 1 x G3A3 weapon, 1 x AK47 weapon, 1 x repeater weapon, 1 x G3A3 Light Machine Gun and 1 x shotgun were also among the recoveries, report said.
Separately, troops of 18 GW have found a resolution antenna while conducting a search and clear process in general area Puthukkudiyiruppu.

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