Monday, February 2, 2009

LTTE continues firing artillery from civilian safe zone in Mullaittivu

Heavy fighting erupted between troops of the 59 Division and LTTE terrorists in general area West of the Nanthikandal lagoon in Mullaittivu, as ground troops long-established inflicting grave damages to LTTE on Sunday (Feb 1).
The fighting ensued since early morning and lasted till 6p.m., after LTTE terrorists launched weaponry attacks towards the Sri Lankan Army troops. Security forces swamped into the LTTE forward defences amidst physically powerful counter fire and neutralized sections of the LTTE manned argue positions, leaving many to run away in total bewilderment. Mop-up operations are ongoing at the time of coverage in the area, as terrorists are now limited keen on a small scrap of land cutoff with vital run away routes, security sources said.
Meanwhile, LTTE terrorists have allegedly continued dismissal heavy artillery barrages towards troops of the Task Force -2, in general area Udayarkattukulama what defence observers state " a cheap attempt to provocate security forces, triggering disciplinary fire towards the declared civilian safe zone". According to technological data and air observation imagery obtained LTTE terrorists have situated weaponry guns within the civilian safe region and using the thousands entrapped as a human shield to make bigger the multi-frontal armed surge.
Separately, TF-2 troops launched a quick physical attack at an recognized LTTE quarrel position in general area Udayarkattukulama, capturing the dugout site, also killing at least 7 terrorists. 20 other terrorists were also reported killed during divide confrontations erupted in the area, on Sunday. strong fighting was reported in general area Kuravilkulama, between troops and LTTE terrorists with ground troops confirming killing 8 terrorists and injuring 9 others, yesterday.
58 Division troops have also pressed into LTTE resistance positions situated North of Visuamadu area, allegedly killing over 11 terrorists and injuring 8 others in the hours long confrontations.

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