Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Troops make further progress in Wanni battlefronts; 18 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes

Troops made further progress along Wanni battle lines on Monday (Aug 25) claiming 18 terrorists were killed, 13 others wounded and 25 more were either killed or wounded during the day's clashes. Also, 7 soldiers laid down their lives and 18 others suffered wounds during these incidents.

Troops of Army 56 division maintaining active defence on the Vavuniya front attacked a terrorists' movement detected in the Velarchinnakulam area around 8.15 in the morning and claimed 2 terrorists were killed.

Meanwhile, 2 soldiers were killed and one injured due to an explosion occurred in the Periyamadhu area last evening. Elsewhere in the same area, a soldier suffered injuries due to an AP (anti personnel) mine explosion in the evening hours.

In the general area Palamoddai, 2 soldiers suffered injuries due to an AP mine explosions during evening hours.

On the Mullaittivu western front, troops of Army 57 division continued their offensives in the Tunukkai area with in course of the day. During the confrontations 2 soldiers were killed and 2 others wounded. Separately, a soldier suffered injuries due to an AP mine explosion occurred in the Yogapuram area during morning hours. A sniper deployed in the Tunukkai claimed shooting down of a terrorist around 6.15 in the evening.

In the Kilinochchi southern front, troops of Task Force 1 confronted with a group of terrorists in the Vannerikkulam area around 7.45 AM. Radio monitoring reports confirmed 6 terrorist were killed and 4 others wounded in this incident. Also, one solder reported killed and 4 others wounded.

In Nachchikudha, snipers claimed confirmed shooting down of 2 terrorists in the evening hours. Further, Army reported two AP mine casualties from the Panaikandamadu on the same day evening.

On the Mullaittivu eastern front, troops of Army 59 division made a significant battlefield victory by capturing an 800m stretch of Thannimurippu tank bund. Troops claimed at least 25 terrorists were either killed or wounded in this incident. Also, 2 soldiers sustained injuries. Troops destroyed one LTTE boat and found 2 bodies of LTTE cadres along with a T-56 rifle. Whilst consolidating the own defence troops removed 121 AP mines and 5 IEDs (improvised explosive devices) from the area.

In the general area Andankulama, troops had several confrontations with the terrorists during day time. Troops claimed 5 terrorists were killed and 9 others wounded during these incidents . A soldier was killed and 2 others suffered injuries during the same.

Separately in the Ranabapura area , a soldier suffered in juries due to LTTE small arms fire around 4.20 PM.

Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine sweeping operations removed 340 AP mined, and disposed 11 IEDs during the day's operations.

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