Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LTTE continue to suffer heavy beating in Wanni theatre; 24 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes

Troops engaged in Wanni liberation operations yesterday (August 11) reported 24 deaths, 19 casualties to the terrorists in pitched battles occurred in the Kilinochchi, Vavuniya and Mullaittivu battlefronts. Also, 6 soldiers laid down their lives on battlefield and 21 suffered injuries during these operations.

Troops of Army Task Force 1 (TF 1) after opening a new front on the South-western border of Kilinochchi district continued their push further northwards along the Mannar-Pooneryn (A-32) main road.

In the Adampankulama area, TF1 soldiers deployed in the coast observed a cluster of terror boats consisting of 5-6 boats hugging the coast around 4.30, last evening. Troops engaged the terror boats with artillery and mortar fire and claimed one boat was destroyed and 3-4 LTTE cadres were killed. Also, one soldier was killed due to the terror machine gunfire.

Separately, a soldier suffered injuries in an AP mine explosion (anti personnel) occurred in the Adampankulama area around 9.35, in the night hours.

In the Kariyalaimoddai area, troops confronted with a group of terrorists around 1.30 PM and claimed 6 terrorists killed and 4 others wounded. Also, one soldier was killed and 8 others suffered injuries due to enemy retaliatory fire. In a separate confrontation occurred in the same area one soldier was killed due to terror mortar fire in the same afternoon.

In the general area Kahekuda, 2 soldiers suffered injuries due to an AP mine blast around 3 PM whist engaged in a clearing operation.

Meanwhile, troops engaged in clearing operations in the area North of Vellankulama removed 11 booby traps and 23 AP mines during the day's operations.

Troops of the 57 division operating on an adjacent front to the TF1, on the Western border of the Mullaittivu district carried out their operations aiming at dominating the strategically vital Tunukkai and Mallavi areas, in course of the day.

In the general area Kalvilan , in the South of Tunukkai town 4 soldiers suffered injuries due to AP mine and IED (improvised explosive devices) explosions during clearing operations.

In the South of Mallavi area, troops conducting clearing operations found 2 hand grenades and one RPG bomb.

Troops of Task Force 2 , operating in Northern borders of Vavuniya district , had several confrontations in the Palamoddai and Navvi areas from last morning to evening .

Troops had two confrontations in the Palamoddai area and claimed 3 terrorists were killed and 4 others wounded.

In the Navvi confrontations, troops confirmed 2 terrorists were killed and 3 others wounded. Also, one soldier suffered injuries during one of the confrontations.

Meanwhile , troops of the 56 division operating North of Vavuniya , in the either sides of Jaffna- Kandy road (A-9) ambushed a terror group in the Koliyakulam around 4 AM and conformed that 3 terrorists were killed.

Meanwhile, on the Mullaittivu front (former Welioya front), pitched battles continued in the Mullaittivu forest as troops marched further northwards towards Mullaittivu terror stronghold. Troops claimed that 6 terrorists were killed, 8 others wounded and 9 more were killed or wounded during the daylong clashes occurred in the North of Andankulama, West of Ulathuvely and Kokkuthuduvai areas. Also, 3 soldiers laid down their lives, 5 suffered injuries during these clashes. Troops found 2 T-56 weapons, one RPG launcher, one radio set during subsequent searches.

Also, troops engaged in clearing operations found 18 IED bombs and 177 AP mines during the day's operations.

Limited offensives are being continued.

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