Friday, August 22, 2008

Army liberates Thunukkai and Uilankulam Towns

According to the latest military information received, troops of the 57 Division operating in Mullaittiuvu Eastern battlefront have liberated Tunukkai and Uilankulam towns this morning, 22 August.

Troops have commenced approaching the strategically important Thunukkai town from the North and the West since last morning (21 August). Thunukkai town is situated on the halfway of the Vellankulama and Mankulama road and has been a strategic nerve centre for LTTE for last 25 years. Uilankulam is located around 5Km north of Thunukkai and it is also an LTTE's stronghold in Mullaittiuvu District as fierce gun battles reported in this area during the past few days.

With this newest victory, security forces have reached to a significant phase of the Wanni liberating offensive as these areas were liberated for the first time in nearly three decades long fighting between security forces and terrorists. The gain of Thunukkai adds advantage toward the security forces positioned in clear striking distance of Mallavi another vital terrorist's garrison along the Vellankaulam- Mankulam main road.

Troops of 57 Division led by Maj General Jagath Dias have made their fullest contribution for the Wanni offensive liberating Madhu Church Complex, Palampiddi, Mundumurippu, Periyamadhu, Naddakandal, Chiradikkulam and Kalvilan areas.

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