Friday, August 1, 2008

Fierce gun battle in Mannar front; 7 LTTE bodies recovered

Seven LTTE bodies were recovered following a fierce gun battle erupted between the security forces and LTTE terrorists in general area north of Mundampiddi in Mannar front this afternoon, July 31.

The latest report received from the battlefront said that troops in Task Force-1 attacked at terror stronghold located in north of Mundampiddi around 2.15 p.m. inflicting maximum damages to the enemy. 3 T-56 weapons, 2 hand grenades were also uncovered along with the 7 bodies of the slain LTTE cadres during the search operation conducted, the report added.

Troops have gained total control over 5 square kilometer area as the terrorists fled with their casualties in a face of effective fire power launched by the advancing troops. The further consolidating operations are now underway.

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