Friday, August 22, 2008

Liberation operations continue; 14 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes in Wanni

Finalized military reports received from battlefronts in the Northern provinces indicate 14 fatalities and 11 casualties to LTTE, in the clashes erupted on Wednesday (Aug 20). Also, 3 soldiers laid down their lives and 5 suffered injuries during these incidents.

On the Mullaittivu eastern front, troops continued to push their defences towards the strategically vital Tunukkai town during the day. Two soldiers suffered injuries due to IED (improvised explosive device) and AP (anti personnel) mine explosions while engaged in operations in the South of Mallavi area.

Meanwhile, troops of Task Force 1, operating in the Kilinochchi southern front confronted with a group of terrorists in the Vannerikkulam area around 3.45 PM. Troops claimed 2 terrorists were killed and 3 others wounded in this incident.

On the Vavuniya front, troops of Task Force 2 had two separate confrontations with the terrorists during the day. Troops attacked and captured 2 terror trench defences in a confrontation occurred around 11.15 AM and claimed 2 terrorists were killed in the incident. Around 2.45 PM troops engaged machine gun and artillery fire at a group of terrorists detected and claimed 2 terrorists were wounded. Later in the evening, a soldier suffered injuries due to LTTE mortar fire.

Meanwhile Army 56 division troops attacked a terror bunker located in the Kontakkarankulam area around 7.25 AM and claimed 3 terrorists were killed.

Troops of Army 59 division operating on the Mullaittivu western front had day long clashes with the terrorists in the Mullaittivu forest.

In the North of Janakapura area, troops had a series of clashes with the terrorists and claimed 6 terrorists were killed and 6 others wounded. Also, troops captured 3 enemy bunkers. One soldier was killed and 2 others suffered injuries during these clashes.

In the Andankulam area, troops attacked a group of terrorists around 11.35 AM and claimed 2 terrorists were either killed or wounded. Also, troops captured an LTTE bunker located elsewhere around 3.30 PM. A soldier was killed due to enemy mortar fire launched around 3.45 PM.

Meanwhile, troops engaged in clearing operation removed 47 AP mines during the day.

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