Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lankan expats urge EU action against LTTE

Sri Lankan expatriates and Austrians held a strong protest on Thursday in Vienna, Austria, against LTTE terrorist activities, in front of the Federal Parliament of Austria.

The demonstrators urged the Austrian and other EU governments to condemn LTTE terrorist bombings and their recruitment of child soldiers.

The protesters called for the EU to take urgent action against the terrorist group's fund-raising activities through front organizations in the EU countries.

The Sri Lankan expatriates are concerned that despite the ban in the EU, the LTTE continues to raise funds through fraudulent front organizations for its terrorist activities. LTTE front organizations have been carrying out malicious false campaigns against Sri Lanka in European capitals, they said.

In recent months, Sri Lankan expatriate communities have held similar protests in European capitals against the LTTE and its activities, to highlight the true nature of the LTTE and the inaction of the EU against the terror group.

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