Saturday, August 16, 2008

More terror positions fall to Army; 23 terrorists killed in Wanni

Finalized military reports received from Wanni battlefronts on yesterday's clashes (August 15) indicate 23 terrorists were killed, 41 others wounded and 12 more were either killed or wounded. Also, 2 soldiers laid down their lives at the field and 9 others suffered wounds during these clashes.

Troops of Army 59 division operating on the Mullaittivu East battlefront, captured a terror base located in the Mullaittivu jungle, North of Janakapura last afternoon. According to the reports, the base is consisted of 5 fortified bunkers, 5 trench defences, and basic living facilities. One soldier was killed and another injured during the gun battle. Monitored radio transmission revealed 2 terrorists were killed and 5 others were wounded during the same.

In three separate clashes erupted in the same area during the day, troops claimed one terrorist was killed, 2 wounded and 2 others were either killed or wounded.

In the general area North of Kiriibbanwewa, troops had series of clashes with the LTTE as they moved on towards further Northwards in the Mullaittivu jungle during the day. Details obtained from both ground and radio monitoring reports reveal 3 terrorists were killed, 11 others wounded and 10 more were either killed or wounded. Also, one soldier was killed and 3 suffered during the same.

Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine clearing operations in the area removed 106 AP (anti personnel) mines and 11 IEDs (improvised explosive devices).

Troops of Army 57 division, operating in the Western border of the Mullaittivu district had several clashes in the Kalvilan, Mallavi, and Oddaruttakulam areas during the day. According to the reports, 5 terrorists were killed, 9 others wounded while 3 soldiers also sustained injuries during these incidents.

Meanwhile, Task Force 2 soldiers operating on the Vavuniya front continued to eliminate remaining terror defence in the Palamoddai area during the day's operations.

Troops of Army 56 division operating on the same Vavuniya front, on either sides of the Jaffna- Kandy (A-9) road attacked an LTTE bunker located in the Navatkulama area around 9.10 AM. Later , monitored radio transmissions confirmed that 2 terrorists were killed in this confrontation.

Troops attacked and captured 5 terror bunkers in two separate clashes occurred in the area last morning and confirmed 10 terrorists were killed and 14 others were wounded during these clashes. During subsequent searches, troops found 15 hand grenades, 300 live ammo used for T-56 riffle along with few other military items.

In two other confrontations occurred in elsewhere in the same day morning troops claimed one terrorist was killed and 3 others wounded.

On the Kilinochchi Southern front, troops of Task Force 1 moving along the Mannar- Pooneryn road attacked a terror bunker detected in the Nachchikudha area around 5. 15 PM and claimed 3 terrorists were killed. Also, a solider was injured due to an AP mine explosion occurred in the Kalekudha area last noon.

On the Jaffna theatre of Battle, LTTE fired mortars at the Nagarkovil Forward Defence around 9.20 PM. A soldier sustained injuries in the attack.

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