Wednesday, August 13, 2008

LTTE engineering human catastrophe for propaganda purpose in Wanni

A reliable source in Wanni non-liberated area revealed this morning (August 13), that the LTTE leader has issued orders to create a human-catastrophic situation in areas where security forces are now fighting the terrorists. The sources said that the LTTE cadres in the Kilinochchi have been asked to hoard all the vehicles of NGOs, government offices, and hospitals to take the civilians to the warfronts shortly.

"LTTE cadres have ordered the civilians to be ready to travel to Tunukkai, Mallavi and Vavunuikulam areas before long, as they want civilian help to withdraw the terror camps", the sources said.

"The civilians are told that they would be taken to terror camps in order to help the LTTE cadres to remove arms, ammo and other military gear from the camps before security forces arrive in the areas", he added.

The sources further went on to say, that the actual motive of the LTTE in this cowered act is to engineer a civilian massacre in order to gain propaganda mileage.

"It has been the way of V. Prabhakaran to kill Tamil civilians whenever he is in trouble. He always justifies such heinous acts in the same way he justifies suicide terrorism- spending less to get more", the sources added.

Meanwhile defence sources in the Wanni battlefront said, that troops of the 57 division have gained the total control of Kalvilan area, in the South of Tununkkai town this morning. With the loss of Kalvilan it has become impossible for the terrorist to defend strategically vital Tunukkai and Mallavi towns much longer, said the sources.

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